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Mating Game

Reviewed by Sophie Rose on January 4, 2011

It’s official: I’m moving to the South. Ah, hell, who am I kidding? I am soo not a southern belle. The real reason I want to go to Georgia is so I can hook up with the sex-a-licious male characters that Janice Maynard created for her book called Mating Game. Here’s the deal, Nola Grainger is a successful photographer from Chicago. She has an amazing lover who gives her sex whenever she wants and she absolutely loves her job. Sounds picturesque, doesn’t it? Well, Nola’s life takes an interesting turn when her grandmother passes away. Oh, but don’t feel sorry for Nola because grannie agreed to give her the family’s ancestral home in Georgia if Nola marries a man within thirty days.

No big deal, right? Nola is smart, hot, and willing to give a man anything he desires in the sack. Finding a husband and keeping this house should be EASY! Especially for a girl like Nola. She engages in sexual encounters that are frequent, smah-oking hot, and will leave you breathlessly saying, “Well, I do declare….” And we have three men to thank for this. Bachelor #1 is the successful Marc Overmeyer, who drips with sexual energy in the first 13 pages of the book. He is a wealthy man with a huge house (amongst other large things), he adores Nola, and he’s assertive in bed… MMM. Then there’s Bachelor #2: Handyman Tanner Nash. Ohhh, my legs quiver thinking about what this delicious creature can do with a… hammer. He’s the hired help who works on Nola’s inherited property in Georgia – and yes, he is capable of much more than taking off his shirt and climbing ladders! But, our list wouldn’t be complete without Bachelor #3: High school sweetheart, Billy Inman. He’s rude, bitter, and angry, and wants nothing to do with Nola. Well, he’s also pretty damn sexy; so naturally, she is going to pursue this old flame.

Now, other than the gorgeous men that Nola surrounds herself with – literally – and several times a day… there’s a problem. Someone is out to hurt Nola! This person clearly doesn’t want her to earn her inheritance and will do anything to stop her. After a few freak accidents, Nola learns that these close-calls are intentional efforts toward ending her life. Are any of her men involved in these plots against her? Is the house worth risking everything? Will she find someone to marry before time runs out? Readers will be on edge trying to answer these questions.

Maynard delivers a heart-pounding and loin-throbbing story for romance novel enthusiasts. The book is full of men with their own unique qualities and amazingly erotic bedside manners. The only complaint I had was the frequency of the sex. I KNOW! But let’s be real, too much of a good thing DOES exist! For this reason, I took away a half pump, leaving Mating Game with 4 ½ pumps overall. Go ahead, savor it, enjoy it, but don’t drool on the pages!

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