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EW's Breaking Dawn Wedding Night Photo!!!

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on January 13, 2011

OWW OWW!! Check out the brand-spankin’-new still image from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 of the newlyweds: Bella and Edward, all cuddled up together:

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about baby. Look at the Cullens gettin their lovin’ on! Awwww…. This has to be, without a doubt, a fan-favorite shot of these Twilight characters thus far!

Entertainment Weekly also shared some info on the photo as well as a quote from director Bill Condon:

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The shot, which is only available in Entertainment Weekly’s print edition, features Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) as husband and wife…on their wedding night. “It’s one of the most anticipated scenes,” Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon tells EW. “I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about it. The anticipation is part of it and you want to play with what people expect and maybe subvert it a little and surprise them.” For more information about Breaking Dawn (in theaters Nov. 18), check out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

So what does everyone think – Does this photo demonstrate the marital bliss that Stephenie created in the Breaking Dawn novel? Leave us a comment below!

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Source: Twilight Examiner


Interview with Breaking Dawn Producer Wyck Godfrey

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on January 10, 2011

Finally! Some of our questions for the Breaking Dawn film(s) are answered. Whoo! USA Today posted a great interview with Producer, Wyck Godfrey that is packed full of answers fans are sure to enjoy. Check it out:

Q: Where does the story split in half?

A: “We basically want to take the audience through the emotional part of Bella’s journey as she becomes a vampire. The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The film ends just before she embarks on her supernatural transformation.

Q: The book has three segments, two of which present Bella’s point of view and a middle that’s devoted to the perspective of her rejected werewolf suitor, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). How is that handled?

A: “The story will break from her and follow Jacob throughout the course of the movie as he struggles with his own dilemma. There is a sense that as Bella and the Cullens (Edward’s makeshift vampire clan) deal with her pregnancy, the world is still turning outside with Jacob.”

Q: Why was Bill Condon, the Oscar-winning filmmaker best known for his musicals as the screenwriter of 2002’s Chicagoand the director of 2006’s Dreamgirls, selected as the director of the finale?

A: “These films have the most difficult stuff from a performance standpoint. With his history of directing, I can’t think of anyone who would be better at bringing out the best in an actor.” Plus, the director, who did the 1995 sequel to Candyman, is a fright-fare enthusiast. “He has an appetite for the genre and a passion for the Twilight books and movies.”

Q: Considering what goes on during the torturous birth process, how can the rating be PG-13?

A: With Twilight’s core of under-18 fans, “it would be a crime against our audience to go R-rated.” However, “this is based on a much more mature book. We need to progress and be more sophisticated.”

A compromise: Having the bloody, bone-crushing delivery be seen only through Bella’s eyes. “She is looking through the haze, experiencing pain and everything rushing around her. We only see what she sees.”

Q: How is the long-awaited consummation of Edward and Bella’s love portrayed?

A: Even though their physical relationship goes way beyond what was shown in the first three films, “it does not become soft porn. It is a legitimate and important part of the movie, romantic and sensual.”

Q: At the end of Breaking Dawn, about 70 or so vampires from around the world gather to face off with the Cullens and their allies plus Jacob’s wolf pack. How can you keep both portions of the storytelling equally compelling?

A: “The second half is more of an action film in terms of life-and-death stakes.” But the domestic moments of the first film possess an emotional punch. “There are the pangs of newlywed tension that occur that are relatable even in a fantasy film. Marriage is not quite the experience that they thought it was.”

Q: Is there any chance that Condon could sneak in a musical number?

A: There might be traditional dancing at the wedding. But don’t expect any of the wolf pack to suddenly howl a tune or do a soft-shoe shuffle.

Although, as Godfrey jokes, “We just had a whole line of actors marching toward the camera. We could have them practice a chorus line with vampires doing kicks.”

So given everything you’ve just read, do you think Breaking Dawn is off to a good start? Leave us your thoughts below.

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Source: USA Today


People's Choice Awards Results for Eclipse

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on January 6, 2011

Not that most of us were going to be terribly surprised by this — but Eclipse rocked it at the People’s Choice Awards last night! Winning both the “Favorite Movie” and “Favorite Drama Movie” categories, The Twilight Saga delivers yet another award winning film – voted by US! The fans! Whoo hoo!

Accepting the awards were our favorite threesome – The handsome Taylor Lautner, The always awkward Kristen Stewart, and of course Rob-alicious himself, Mr. Pattinson. When accepting the last award Lautner said, “I can’t believe this. You guys are unreal… You guys have gotten us here today and given us the opportunity to film Breaking Dawn . . . We’re having so much fun.” Lautner continued saying, “Mark my words, the best is yet to come!”

The Twi-threesome also won “Favorite On-Screen Team” and Kristen landed “Favorite Movie Actress.”

Let’s hear it for Eclipse and the PCA’s for a great night last night! OWW!!

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Source: Twilight Examiner


Twilight Stars Spread Holiday Cheer to Children's Hospital

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on December 22, 2010

“It’s the most won-der-ful time… of the YEAR!” And even though our favorite Twilight Saga actors have reached super stardom, they never forget others in need. Peter Facinelli (“Carlisle Cullen”), Elizabeth Reaser (“Esme Cullen”), Kellan Lutz (“Emmett Cullen”), and Nikki Reed (“Rosalie Hale”) all spent some time visiting with kids at the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a few days ago. They even brought some awesome Twilight gifts for their little fans! Check out the picture below that was taken with one very lucky (and adorable) little boy!

Aww, don’t you feel the love?? I sure do!

Well, in the spirit of the season, your LBT Vixens want to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and an even happier New Year! We hope Santa-baby brings you lots of naughty, ahem, GOOD books to read… Ooh, or maybe a COLOR NOOK! ::Sophie drools:: A girl can dream, right?? Anyway, we want you to come back and see us real soon because we’ve got a few reviews we’ll be posting for your viewing pleasure! Love and hugs!!

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Source: Twilight Examiner


Posen to Design Bella's Wedding Dress for Breaking Dawn?

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on November 4, 2010

Ding, dong, ding, dong….
Do I hear…. WEDDING BELLS?! Oh how I love, love, LOOOOVE a good wedding. The groom looks handsome, the bride is stunning, the atmosphere is magical, and the rings symbolize a love that lasts forever and ever. TEAR, SWOON, CHAMPAGNE OWW!! I’m just gonna put it out there now that the fantasy wedding of the century is definitely going to be Edward and Bella’s in Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Don’t the vows just ring in your head as you imagine the sexy, silky voice of Robward delivering the lines that will forever tie him to the woman of his dreams? Naturally, this is the point where Sophie closes her eyes to find herself standing in front of this sparkly porcelain god (and no I’m not talking about the toilet, ladies!) in a beautiful gown meant for an equally gorgeous woman. Then I wake to remember that Bella, aka KStew gets to live the very dream I long to make a reality. Poo…

Oh well, I enjoy fantasizing anyway LOL

But here’s the deal… rumor has it that Zac Posen may be the man behind the design for Bella’s wedding gown. If you recall, InStyle introduced fans to several sketches that designers created for Bella’s Big Day. Here is Zac’s creation:

While the rumors are still just that – rumors – we Vixens are interested in what you think of Posen’s sketch.

Does this design fit the look and feel of the Breaking Dawn wedding you envisioned in your head? Why or why not?

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Source: Twilight Examiner


New Review & Spotlight Book!

This dose of Venom dealt by Piper Grey on November 2, 2010

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY!!!! Laney Belle posted her much anticipated review of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Whoo Hoo! And it’s a good one too. Here’s a little snippet for ya!

The love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gail remained in existence; however the romanticism between the characters definitely lacked the luster that embodied the first two books. I mean DAYUM, couldn’t we get ONE PASSIONATE MAKE OUT SESSION?! Is that too much to ask Suzanne?! Still, at the end of the book Katniss finally makes her choice between Peeta and Gail, giving us readers the closure we’ve been waiting for.

OMG! Katniss makes her choice??!! Will it be sweet, patient Peeta or tough, protective Gail??? I hate to break it to you but you’ll have to read Mockingjay to find out! Pick up a copy HERE.

Check out the rest of Laney’s review on the Spotlight Page as well as the rest of her reviews of this trilogy, Hunger Games and Catching Fire, on our Try A Bite Of This Page.

Keep checking back because we have more really phenomenal reviews coming soon!!

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Source: Spotlight Page


Twilight Fan-damonium At Its Finest!!

This dose of Venom dealt by Laney Belle on October 20, 2010

Twihard dedication is always impressive! After all, it’s that dedication that makes the Twilight Saga so triumphant and memorable at the box office, right? Whether you’re supporting Twilight by reading the books, buying movie tickets, gawking at pictures of our delicious Edward, sporting the T-Shirt, having debates over ‘Team Edward vs. Team Jacob’, or…even writing songs to capture your own thoughts, LBT is always there to support you right back! We love our fans, we love Twihards, and we totally get it!

Go ahead and take a looksie at the video below. It was provided to us by one of our loyal fans and major Twihard, Crystal. It’s always amazing to see what Twihards can do when they let their artistic side shine!

What did you think of Crystal’s song? Do you have something you’ve accomplished that you’d like to share with the other Twihards? Shoot us an email, and we’ll help you ‘get it out there’ for all the world to see. vixens@lifebeyondtwilight.com

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Ashley Greene Tweets Filming to Begin in Louisiana!

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on October 18, 2010

Tweet Tweet! Yes, Twitter is coming back full force for our Twilight Saga stars! Ashley Greene just tweeted that she is in Louisiana and is more than excited to begin filming Breaking Dawn. Check out what she had to say below:

Also, thanks to Hollywood Life, here’s a quick gander at a few other Twi-stars leaving LAX headed for Baton Rooouge!

Nikki Reed

Kellan Lutz

Ashley Greene

Want to stay up to date on the upcoming Twilight News? Then follow your LBT Vixens on Twitter by clicking Here!

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New Cast for Breaking Dawn Films

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on October 14, 2010

Whoo! Here’s some news you can use! Several new cast members have been added to the list of actors who will be in the Breaking Dawn films. Check out what MTV put together for our viewing pleasure:

Last summer, no one knew who Xavier Samuel was. Then he was cast as the vampire Riley in “Eclipse” and suddenly found himself an object of fascination in the “Twilight” community.

Now a new crop of actors, many of whom are largely unknown, have joined the franchise for “Breaking Dawn,” the two-part finale of the supernatural series. Summit Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the studio had cast the members of the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian vampire covens and the American and European nomads. Following on the heels of Samuel in “Eclipse,” which of these folks might become the fresh breakout stars of “Breaking Dawn”? Let’s take a look:

Lee Pace: The 31-year-old “Pushing Daises” star is easily the biggest name announced this week. And that gives us a hint that his character, Garrett (one of the American nomads), will likely play a meaty role in “Breaking Dawn.” Canceled last year, “Daises” was a critically lauded show that was perhaps a bit too quirky to attract a mainstream audience. Pace, though, is an immediately likable fellow with a boyish grin and an old soul. Expect to hear a ton about him in the coming months.

Noel Fisher: This former child actor is perhaps best known for his part in “The Riches,” an AMC drama in which he excelled, going to toe-to-toe with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. He’s one of those actors who can communicate a damaged rage with just one intense stare. His character, Vladimir (part of the Romanian coven), is not so much a smoldering vamp in the vein of Edward Cullen as a straight-up creep show. Yet that won’t stop fans from clamoring for the 26-year-old Fisher’s attention.
This is great news for me and Piper who are AVID Eddie Izzard fans and loved Noel in The Riches series!

Judi Shekoni: The glamorous British actress is set to portray Zafrina of the Amazon coven. The part, which draws her into close contact with Bella and Renesmee, should give Shekoni a bunch of lines. That screen time, combined with her striking good looks, could set the actress up for an outpouring of affection from Twi-hards.

Joe Anderson: It’s unclear how large Anderson’s role, as European nomad Alistair, will end up being. But the guy has got acting chops: He turned what could have been a disposable supporting part in “The Crazies” into the film’s most compelling character. It’ll be interesting to see his look in “Breaking Dawn,” as Alistair is described as having dark hair, while Anderson is a natural blond. Regardless, the 28-year-old Brit deserves more than a passing glance from the “Twilight” community.

So what do you all think of these choices?? Did you have other actors in mind to play these characters? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: MTV


Nikki Reed on Jacob and Rosalie's Relationship in Breaking Dawn

This dose of Venom dealt by Sophie Rose on October 11, 2010

Recently, Nikki Reed spoke out about the entertaining relationship between Jacob and Rosalie in Breaking Dawn. If you recall, Rosalie was acting as a pseudo-mother to Renesmee while Bella was dealing with her “transition”, so to speak. And our lovable Jakey… well, let’s just say he continued to be a challenge.

Check out the short clip below of Nikki giving her perspective:

The SevenMTV Shows

So, we know that this is going to be quite a humorous aspect for the Breaking Dawn films; but what scene are you most looking forward to that involve Rosalie and Jacob? Leave us a comment below!

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Source: His Golden Eyes